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Jason Calacanis: Everybody loves GoDaddy! That’s the registrar I use and when you use GoDaddy.com they’re also making a donation to the Bay Ridge Prep Opportunity Fund and you go there right now, because you’re a pal of Jason’s.


We’re going to give you a special code. You give your special code when you checkout and you buy your domain name you type in ‘Jason1’ and that let's them know you're listening and they’re going to give you ten percent off your purchase or something like that. It’s a really good deal. You need to buy domain names anyway...


Their sponsorship goes to the Bay Ridge Preparatory Opportunity Fund. And that’s a donation that they made of fifty thousand dollars for the year for me to do fifty shows and that’s gonna help some kids go to private school who were formally in public school - real disadvantaged kids. So, it’s a really great thing.



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